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Taking the Benefits of Supplements Beyond the Gym

Summary | As we developed Plantrise’s brand voice, we knew harmonizing with the tropes and jargon would lead us to drown in this oversaturated industry. Instead, we established a voice at a different octave, where we are still part of the market show, but we created a niche role for Plantrise. 

What I did:

  • Read Atomic Habits to align with the brand purpose.

  • Listened to a multitude of podcasts to learn more about motivations and habits 

  • I walked into all the GNCs in Richmond to see what products they would try to sell me. 

  • Dove deep into TikTok to find consumer trend insights.


Plantrise set out to help people save time and build habits.
Plantrise is a supplement on a mission to “empower people to grow into the optimal version of themselves through efficient daily habits.” In an industry that prays on insecurities, body image, and fake testimonials, Plantrise is going against the grain. Plantrise considers all aspects of health, taking a more holistic approach because health is more than a nice summer bod.

Client Ask:
Establish a brand voice unique for Plantrise, a small but mighty newcomer.

The supplement industry Plantrise is stepping into is very saturated with products ranging from micro to macro needs.

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Category Truth:
The category likes to preach a lot of Bull. 


All of them are “the best for your health.”

They focus on physical fitness

All sell results that are impossible to achieve

They make the approach to health feel overwhelming.

Brand Truth:
Plantrise was founded to make achieving health simple + attainable.
Stress is bad. So feeling stressed out about being healthy is not healthy.

Consumer Truth:
During the pandemic, consumers had the time to reflect on everything their health encompasses. 
Stay-at-home mandates and prolonged isolation made consumers shift the way people viewed health. Mental health became a topic of many conversations and a priority for wellbeing.

74% of US consumers have made changes to improve their mental health in the last year.

People want to be healthy to live fuller lives, not just live their life to be healthy.

Plantrise's holistic approach to health is in demand.
There is a demand from consumers for brands to acknowledge their newfound understanding of health. It is now a mix of mental and physical health for overall wellbeing. All of which help individuals establish good habits and avoid burnout. 

The Multi-purpose Event Planner
Fitness comes naturally with the lifestyle. The events they plan are jam-packed with personal fulfillment: socializing, exploration, excitement, relaxation, etc. They do as much or little as they need to feel they live their best lives. For them, health is about having the ability to do anything that brings joy into their life. 


Plantrise gives you the health wealth to live life to the fullest.

Creative Concept:
Max Out Your Life

Color Exploration
Visually we also wanted to differentiate Plantrise from the rest of the category. 

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Presenting Plantrise's New Colors

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.48.52 PM.png

Social Media Pre-roll
We showcase the multiple benefits our products provide for our audience to get the most out of their activities.  

Environmental OOH
Our messaging would meet our consumers in places where their activities are giving them back more than just a workout. Our goal is to encourage our existing customers to continue their activities and build brand awareness with those who have yet to experience our products. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.23.02 PM.png

We don't just encourage a life filled with events. We meet our audience at these events. Plantrise makes sure everyone has everything they need to make the most of the event. 

What do you get when combine...
Alcoholic Fun + Hydration + Energy


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.44.24 PM.png

Plantrise at SantaCon

We can show up at a variety of events with our hydration bike


See you there!

Team Dunny Dunegan (ST), Raven Faux (CW), Jess Leonard (AD), Shannon Bullock (AD)

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