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The Quick Summary: 

As we try to expand our skills, sometimes it's good to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Three strategists taking on all the roles: finding truths, insights, and strategy to reach a concept and deliver a 30-second ad. 

Deliver a 30-second video ad for Levi's


Due to Covid-19 people are wearing jeans less often. Homes have become dual-purpose spaces: work and living. Because people leave their homes less often, athleisure and comfort wear have taken the spotlight from jeans. 


How do we inspire people to see jean's utility past comfort?


Our Audience

The spur-of-the-moment adventurer. They are the "yes" people, never backing out of any outing because these types of plans leave behind the best memories. Their closets reflect their lifestyle. They may not have a large quantity, but they value quality and durability.


The appearance of jeans can hold snippets into someone's life. Jeans can tell a whole story without words.

Observational Truth


Every pair has a story. 


A canvas for life's stories.


My team

  • Jackson Baehr (Strategist)

  • Josh Zinger (Strategist)