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Words of Empowerment From Equinox

Summary | When a brand has pushed the limits and is already established itself as one of the best in the category, moving the needle can be tricky. As we looked into creating Equinox’s next campaign, we dove into what makes someone stand out among the common because Equinox is not for everyone. We pushed beyond their use of sex appeal and used messaging to mold a modern take on the look of excellence.   

What I did:

  • Took a trip to New York and booked a tour of two Equinox facilities.

  • Explored multiple threads and forums to learn about people who either loved or hated Equinox. (There was not much in between.)

  • Had the opportunity to speak to someone who worked closely with the brand.

  • Finished a portion of the strategy while staying overnight at an NYC hospital. (Feel free to ask about this story.)

equinox roof.png

The brand is synonymous with luxury.
Headquartered in New York, Equinox was founded in 1991. Currently, they have over 300 locations around the US, Canada, and London. Their facilities are distributed carefully in cities that can accommodate expensive tastes, which Equinox prides itself in delivering. Their memberships are set at a premium price because that is the standard prevalent throughout the facility’s atmosphere, upscale fitness equipment, personalized classes, and collaboration with other luxurious brands found around their facility. Equinox is more than a gym. It’s a high-performance club. 

Client Ask:
Create the next campaign for Equinox, one that drives consideration beyond the usual suspects. 

Members of Equinox take pride in the status symbol a membership holds. Communications for this campaign should not feel as if it applies to the average joe. 

Category Truth:
The category likes to preach confidence by selling tissues of lies. 
They focus on insecurities, bringing them to light but not giving people a solution because one does not exist. 


Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.52.35 PM.png

Get Real!

Consumer Truth:
Our consumers know the world, and everyone around them will never stop judging.
That is far from being a bad thing. People who share the Equinox mentality could care less. If anything, they love it. It means they exceed in everything they do and are still their true self. Every accomplishment feeds the hater conversation and they want the conversation to get louder by the day.  


Our Target Audience:
People who are looking for the best in life. They are risk-takers, rebels, and provocateurs. 
They are attracted to brands that conform to them because they're in control. They don’t settle for average because their aspirations are not average. They work harder, think bigger, and sleep less than the average. When they buy they splurge, they work hard enough and deserve it. When you live a high-performance lifestyle that requires personal sacrifice, quality matters more. 

We are tapping into the agile mindset our audience has.
They think through problems they face and go beyond the “normal” solution. They understand what is going on in their environment, they identify the uncertainties they are facing. They figure it out and adapt even in the most turbulent environments.


The only thing you can change is the way you show up.
If people are going to talk about you, hand them the script. Take complete control of you and the way you present yourself to the world.  



Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 3.32.47 PM.png

Creative Concept:
Looks Matter Most.



Located around the city of New York, the messaging inspires people to let the world witness their confidence. We don't want people to hold back their strengths anymore.  


15s Pre-Roll
These pre-rolls would appear on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. They would target individuals interested in fitness, wellness, and lifestyle influencers. 



Team Cara Toebbe (CW),  Sarah Redmond (AD),  Madeline Honig (AD)

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