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Rolang Piocuda




Unjustly Maligned Group

Summary | What makes this group what it is? Why have they become maligned? What should we know about them to better understand why they are who they are, understand their perspective, and ultimately, make a case for why they are unjustly maligned. These questions led our research as we dove deep into understanding returning citizens, also known as ex-felons. 

Judicial stamp, rejected by many. 
Individuals who have been convicted of committing a felony continue to feel the repercussions of their actions long after serving time. In terms of punishment, society has a well-established system that ends when institutions stop benefiting financially. Yet these individuals have to face the world with a label that limits them from re-entering society, making them fall victim to a cycle of repeated offense in most cases. 

To learn more about this failure in the system, we talked to Returning Citizens, professors, lawyers, parole officers, police officers, journalists, friends, and family. We learned a lot on a highly complex topic, so we decided to make a deliverable that was not as complicated yet impactful—a children's book. Taking after books and movies we grew up reading and watching, the message we received as kids versus the message we take away now is drastically different. We wanted our deliverable to emulate the same experience. 

When Dad Comes Home.

Team  Leslie Townsend (ST),  Jackson Baehr (ST),  Trés Jones (ST)

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