• Born in Colombia

  • First baby bottle was filled with café con leche

  • My name was going to be Roland. A simple mistake made finding social media usernames easy.

  • First generation college graduate

Hi! I'm Rolang.

Before discovering brand strategy, I spent time in Panama studying birds. I realized that some of the birds and I had common personality traits. Here are three birds with personalities I relate to:​

Red-capped Manakins - Great dancers
Macaw Parrots - Enjoy company. They have a buddy for life!
Prothonotary Warblers -Travels from Colombia to VA yearly

Odd Jobs:

  • Redeye cookie company: Baking cookies until three in the morning.

  • Jimmy Johns delivery biker: The nurses and doctors at VCU Health really have unhealthy diets.

  • Utility project for Dominion Power: Did you know utility poles have “birthmarks?” I know more about poles than I really want to.